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Free Camping at Big Red

The camping is a large open area on the dry lakebed of Lake Nappanerica on the eastern side of Big Red, which is reached from the main dirt road that leads from Birdsville to Big Red.

There is plenty of room for anyone who wants to camp, and don’t worry about the lake too much, it only fills up every 50 years or so, and the last time it had water was recently so its likely to be quite a while before that happens again – touch wood!

The campsite has a great vibe and is abuzz with excitement and campsite camaraderie during the three nights of camping at the Bash, with thousands of campers settled in for the duration and enjoying the outback environment and the excitement of the festival.

There are however a few rules and guidelines about camping at Big Red for your own and other campers benefit that you will need to be aware of and are explained below.

Big Red is on an organic accredited private property (Adria Downs) and camping is not usually permitted. Land owners have granted concert goers special permission to camp in this area during the Birdsville Big Red Bash 2017. It is a privilege to be given access to this area, and for the safety and comfort of everyone, there are a few rules and guidelines that need to be respected:

Campsite Rules

  • Camping at Big Red is permitted from 8am Tuesday 4th July 2017 unless an early bird vehicle pass is purchased. Tickets holders with an early bird vehicle pass will be permitted entry from 8am on Monday 3rd July. Ticket holders without an early bird pass will not be permitted entry until the 4th; early bird passes will not be sold in Birdsville. All ticket holders will be issued with a vehicle pass when wristbands are collected, which needs to be clearly displayed in order to enter the festival site and camping ground. There will be Big Red Bash staff and volunteers on duty checking this requirement when vehicles arrive to camp. If you don’t have wristbands and a vehicle pass  you will not be permitted to enter the camping area.
  • Campers must depart the area after the concert on Friday 7th July 2017. Please plan to leave by midday.
  • Camping will be on the level dry lake bed to the east of Big Red. There will be no camping permitted on the western side of Big Red.
  • No camp sites will be allocated - first in, best dressed. There will be marshalls on hand to assist people into suitable campsites.
  • There are no additional costs involved to camp at Big Red for Big Red Bash ticketholders.
  • We have strict rules around vehicle movements, with movements only permitted at certain times. Please see further down the page for more info.
  • Motorhomes, trailers and campervans must use grey water tanks. The Big Red Bash camping ground is situated on an organic beef property called Adria Downs. To protect the organic status of this property, no greywater or waste water of any kind (not even small amounts) is to be emptied anywhere on the ground of the property. All grey and waste water will need to be stored and emptied once back in Birdsville. If you are in real need of grey water disposal you can take a drum with grey water (no black water) to the designated 1000 litre grey water tank beside the toilet blocks. There is no charge for this service. We suggest you bring your own drum for this purpose (maximum 20 litre and fill to no more than 15 litres so you can tip it into the grey water tank without spillage)
  • Disposal of grey water or any waste in the portaloos is strictly prohibited.
  • There is no power available at Big Red. If you are looking for a powered site, please contact the Birdsville Caravan Park (approx 35km east of Big Red).
  • Access to the camping area is suitable for most vehicles including motorhomes and those with caravans.  Caravans with some off road capability are best suited. However if you have been able to make it to Birdsville you should be able to make it out to Big Red and into the camping area. If you are unsure about camping out at Big Red then you can opt to stay at the Birdsville Caravan Park and travel to the show daily on a shuttle bus.
  • Please respect the environment and take all rubbish with you.
  • Camp fires are allowed but you need to bring your own firewood. No timber collection permitted on Adria Downs. Chainsaws are most definitely not allowed. In the interest of safety and comfort of others, please keep campfires to a modest size.
  • If you are not keen on remote style camping, or if you would like amenities such as hot showers, shops and a pub, it would be advisable to plan to camp at Birdsville Caravan park and drive out to the concert each day.

Generator, compressor and Noise Policy

  • No generators or compressors between the hours of 8pm and 8am.
  • Please respect your fellow campers and refrain from loud or noisy activities late at night. Also remember the many kids who will be at the Bash.

Camping Policy  - Patrons with Disability

You'll find all the info about camping for patrons with a disability here.

Group Camping

If you are wanting to camp as part of a large group coming out to the Bash together with several vehicles and campsites, you will need to arrive together. You won’t be able to “save” a spot for a later arrival.

If your party arrives at different times during the roll in period you will be directed to the Day Parking Area where you can assemble your group and when all have turned up you can enter the camping area together.

Location Subject to Change

Please note that if there is inclement weather such as significant rain during the Bash, which makes the advertised location unsuitable for staging the event, the organisers reserve the right to re locate the event to another location in the Birdsville vicinity. In the unlikely event of this occurring you will be advised of the new venue details when you arrive at Birdsville to pick up your wristbands. 

Unregistered vehicles

Unregistered motorbikes, buggies or other vehicles are not to be used on the concert venue or surrounding property. The Concert is on private land and Queensland Police and security will be in attendance. 

Aircraft or Drones

No unauthorized aircraft or drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV. There will be a helicopter in operation throughout the festival and approved UAV/drones for filming. For safety purposes we ask that no other aircraft or drones are in the air over the festival or surrounding property.

Lighting and Head Torches

 We will be providing some lighting for the concert area and main plaza area where the food stalls, merchandise and other expo stands are located. However with such a large outback camping area, and no on-site electricity other than generators, we will not be providing lighting to the general campsite or day parking areas. It is recommended that you bring a head torch or similar torch to the concert with you so when the concert ends you can make your way back safely to your campsite, as the ground in the camping area can be rough or have holes in places. 


We have devised a solution to collect grey water from any campers wanting to offload while staying at Bashville:

  • You can bring your own drum and use it to take your grey water (no black water) to a dedicated 1000 litre grey water tank beside each toilet block.

There is no charge for this service. We suggest you bring your own drum for this purpose. Maximum 20 litre and fill to no more than 15 litres so you can tip it into the grey water tank without spillage.

Toilets, Water, and Rubbish


There will be banks of portaloos throughout the camping ground, and they will be emptied, cleaned and serviced regularly. There will also be portaloos and a large toilet truck servicing the concert area and food and merchandise plaza just behind the concert area. If you have a caravan with toilet facilities and adequate holding tanks, any use you can make of your own toilets would be very much appreciated to help us keep on top of the overall toilet capacity and servicing.


There is no running water available on site. Please bring your own water supplies. The food vendors will be selling bottled water, but of course this is an expensive option so please plan to bring your own water based on what you think you will need for the duration of the event if you don’t plan to go back to Birdsville during the Bash. Drinking water is available from taps in Birdsville from the caravan park, service stations and the council toilet block in Adelaide Street.


There will be rubbish bins in the concert and food area for use by pedestrians, but we ask campers to take your own camping rubbish back to Birdsville (there is a tip on the road back to town) to help us with the management of the rubbish, as there is nothing worse than overflowing bins if we are unable to keep up with the emptying and removal. 


At this stage we aren’t able to recycle from the Bash site due to the challenges of transport and remoteness. We are investigating for future years. In the meantime travellers can help reduce waste:

- reduce packaging when buying supplies (this applies to our city lives too)/
- remove unnecessary packaging before travel.
- plan to collect and store your own paper, glass and cans etc and return them to your council recycle program back at home. 


There are no showers available at the Big Red Campsite, due to the logistics and lack of available water. You can shower in Birdsville at the Caravan Park for a small fee and council will also have some shower facilities available in town. 

Dump Points – Toilet Waste/Black Water

There are dump points available on the roads into and out of town.  There are no dump points available at Big Red.

No Vehicle Movements in Camp

Many large music festivals around Australia have “NO DRIVING” policies. This year we have implemented stricter driving policies within the Bashville campground to enhance safety around camp, keep the dust down and to reduce congestion on the dirt road between Bashville and Birdsville.

All vehicle movements are prohibited in the Bashville campground once you’ve parked at your campsite on roll in day, except during the times outlined below. This means no driving whatsoever, day or night, including driving within the campground or to leave, other than during permitted vehicle movement times as outlined below.


  • 3, 4 & 5 July 4pm-6pm: vehicles may EXIT ONLY from the campground to get to day parking area. Re-entry prohibited at all times.
  • 6 July 4pm-6pm: vehicles can RE-ENTER ONLY to the campground. Exit to day parking area prohibited at all times.
  • All other times: Vehicle movements strictly prohibited.

If you want to drive to town during the event, you can move your vehicle to the day parking area during one of the permitted vehicle movement times, and come and go as you please. However if you choose to do this, you won’t be permitted to drive your vehicle back to your campsite for the duration of the event. You’ll have to leave your vehicle in the day parking area and walk back to your campsite. You’ll only be allowed to drive back to your campsite in preparation for packup on the 6th of July between 4pm & 6pm.

Moving vehicles on the 6th of July to day parking for early departure is not permitted. Roll out begins strictly at 7am on 7th July.

Driving to get closer to the concert area is not permitted at any time.

If you have a disability, see the disability section on our website, in relation to driving to get closer to the concert area.

If a special circumstance (e.g., medical illness) arises and you need to drive outside of the vehicle movement times, please come to the Admin tent and request a transit permit, which will allow you extra access during specified times.

If you drive in the campground outside of the permitted vehicle movement times (this includes driving within, or leaving the campground) your vehicle pass and event wristbands may be confiscated, and you may be escorted off-site. You may also be banned from future Big Red Bash events.

There are designated roads in camp, as well as designated walkways, so please ensure you do not drive on the designated walkways when entering or leaving camp. These will be clearly marked and indicated on a site map, which you will be provided with when you collect your wristbands.

It is advisable to bring your own food and water requirements for the duration of your stay. There will be a range of food and coffee vendors at the Bash and we will advise details of these closer to the event. Campers should be prepared to provide their own food and water and not rely solely on the food vendors.

If you don’t want to be committed to camping for the whole duration at Big Red, then you should consider camping at the Birdsville Caravan Park and driving out to Big Red each day.



Thanks to all of our sponsors who help us bring you this amazing event.

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Government and Council Supporters

Big Run Events, the organiser of the Big Red Bash is enormously grateful for the various forms of assistance provided to the event by Tourism and Events Queensland, the Outback Queensland Tourism Association, and Diamantina Shire Council.

Outback Queensland Tourism

Big Red Bash is a unique high profile outback event, which draws significant media coverage. If you are interested in Big Red Bash sponsorship opportunities, please contact us, and our sponsorship manager will respond to you.

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