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New Camping Arrangements for 2019!

What are the new camping arrangements?

In 2019, campsite boundaries will be marked out, similar to a caravan park. You’ll receive a minimum of approx. 100sqm per vehicle. Shapes of campsites will vary, but most will be around 13.75m x 7m.

To prevent the risk of a fire spreading, you must place all structures at least 1 metre from the back and side boundaries of your campsite, and guy ropes can protrude another 40cm. Marshals will enforce this rule

All other camping rules are the same: marshals will still allocate you to the best available campsite when you arrive, if you want to camp with friends you still have to arrive at the gate together, and entry and exit from the campground remains unchanged. See the “Camping” section, below, for more details

Why have you changed the way that camping works?

The changes to camping arrangements were made after seeing the results of our patron feedback survey and completing an analysis of aerial photographs of the campground. We identified an uneven density of camping - some areas were more packed, and some were extra-spacious. All of this caused a camping experience that wasn’t as fair as it could be, and meant that the campsite was more spread out than it needed to be.

We expect the new camping arrangements to improve the experience of all Big Red Bashers:
-Everyone gets a guaranteed minimum campsite size. The size is generous, almost twice as large as most caravan park and festival camping sites
-All campsites front onto a walkway or a road so everyone has open space on at least one side of their campsite (new site maps coming soon… stay tuned!)
-Camping space will be uniformly spread, so, while giving everyone more room, the campground will be less spread out.

What if I don’t fit in my allocated site

We expect that 99% of setups will fit in the generous campsite allocation, however if your big-rig physically doesn’t fit, we will have a few larger sites available in each camping area

Can I still camp with my friends?

Yes. If you want to camp as a group with other vehicles, you must arrive at the Big Red Bash site together. You won’t be able to save a spot for a later arrival Groups that arrive together will be allocated adjacent campsites, one per vehicle. Groups can join two or more adjacent campsites and use the internal area however they wish, however you must leave space between your cooking areas and other structures, and you must place all structures at least 1 metre from the outer boundaries of the “joined” site.

What else can you tell me about camping?

Further down this page you’ll find more general FAQs on camping, or you can see the Camping at Bashville page.


What ticket types are available?

There’s only one type of concert ticket - General Admission. General admission includes concert entry for the three days of the festival and camping for four nights.

You can also buy one or both of the optional extras:
Early Entry Camping Pass, allowing extra days of camping before the event,
Early Exit Pass, allowing earlier “roll out” from the Bashville campground

See tickets and pricing for a comparison of all tickets types and what they provide.

What is an Early Entry Camping Pass?

An early entry camping pass is an optional pass available for purchase, which allows extra nights camping at Bashville before the event. See Early Entry Camping Pass for full details

Where can I buy an Early Entry Camping Pass?

You can buy an Early Entry Camping Pass from Oztix, either at the time of buying your general admission ticket, or at a later date.

What is an Early Exit Pass?

An early exit pass is an optional pass available for purchase, allowing you to exit the campground early, on Thursday afternoon. Passes cost $15, and 100% of this fee is donated to RFDS. There’s a limited quantity available. Click here for full details

Why do I have to pay for my Early Exit pass?

Managing the number of vehicles at night on outback roads is a key safety consideration for this remote event, and we work closely with Birdsville emergency services, council and police on this issue. For safety reasons we can only release a limited quantity of Early Roll Out Passes and the small fee (100% donated to RFDS) helps to ensure that only those who genuinely intend to leave early purchase a pass.

Where can I buy an Early Exit Pass?

Early Exit Passes will be available from the Early Exit Pass page, from 9am on 15th May 2019 (AEST).

Are passouts available?

Your wristband allows unlimited entry and exit from the concert area and Bashville site. Passouts are not required.

However please note that that there are strict restrictions on vehicle movements for vehicles inside the campground: Your car must remain parked and stationary at your campsite for the duration of the event, until roll out. Passouts are not available for vehicles.

For full details on entry & exit rules for vehicles see Camping Overview.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets online from Oztix. Tickets are likely to sell out so buy your ticket ASAP.

How will I receive my tickets?

You’ll receive your ticket by email. Print or download this and exchange it in BIRDSVILLE TOWN for vehicle pass and wristband.

What do I do with my e-ticket?

You must exchange your e-ticket for vehicle pass and wristbands in BIRDSVILLE TOWN before you head to Bashville.

Can I buy tickets in Birdsville?

Tickets are likely to sell out before the event, so we recommend buying your tickets online from oztix. We may sell tickets in town if the event doesn’t sell out, but this is unlikely.

Can I bring the kids?

Yes, the Big Red Bash is family friendly, and we event have some activities and shows just for kids. Children 11 and under are free, youth (12 to 17) tickets and family tickets are also available.

I don’t have a credit card, can I still buy a ticket?

You will need a debit or credit card to purchase tickets.

Can I replace a lost wristband?

No. We will be issuing heavy duty wristbands that will last for the duration of the event. We are unable to reissue or replace wristbands so please treat it like cash.

Can I get a refund?

For details on a when a refund would be issued, see our ticketing Terms and Conditions.

Can I resell my ticket?

As per terms and conditions, tickets may not be resold, unless at the point of sell out via an official Oztix resale facility.

What happens if the event is cancelled or relocated?

Due to the possibility of adverse weather conditions affecting the access and safety of the proposed Event venue, The Big Red Bash reserves the right to change the venue location to alternative sites within the Birdsville area at any time prior to or during the Event.

Cancellation of Event
If the event is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, ticket holders will be refunded the amount of their tickets purchased via Oztix.

For full details see the ticketing Terms and Conditions

Getting There

Where is the Big Red Bash?

The Big Red Bash is 35kms west of Birdsville, QLD, on the edge of the Simpson desert. We call the Big Red Bash site “Bashville”.

How do I get to Birdsville?

See the “Getting There” tab of our website’s menu for information on how to get to Birdsville, including driving yourself or joining a travel package.

How do I get to Bashville from Birdsville?

Head west on Adeliade street and continue for 35kms. See Birdsville Town Map & Directions to Bashville for more details.

What facilities are available in Birdsville?

Birdsville has a range of basic facilities including petrol, groceries, pub, bakery, post office, police, medical clinic, tourist information. See About Birdsville for more details.

Is there shuttle buses between Birdsville and Bashville?

Yes, there will be a privately operated shuttle bus operating to and from Birdsville. Details TBA

Can I drive from Birdsville to the festival and back each day?

Yes, you can choose to stay in Birdsville and commute to and from Bashville each day (35kms). You’ll be directed to Day Parking near the concert area. See Day Tripping From Birdsville for more details.

Are road closures common?

Outback roads can be closed after local rain. They usually re-open reasonably quickly. Plan ahead and have a few alternative routes up your sleeve.

Keep up to date with
outback road conditions in the lead up to the Big Red Bash. Leave a few days spare for unexpected detours.

I've never driven in the outback before - do I need a 4WD?

You can reach Birdsville and the Big Red Bash by 2WD. If you’d like to explore the desert or sightsee on the way, you’ll get further with a 4WD. Use our travel guides to plan your journey.


Is camping included in my ticket?

Yes, your regular ticket entitles you to four nights camping at Bashville campground: Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th July. You must be off-site by midday Saturday 13th July

What dates can I camp?

If you’re a regular ticket holder you can camp on the nights of Tuesday 9th, Wednesday 10th, Thursday 11th and Friday 12th July. You must be off-site by midday Saturday 13th July. If you purchase an additional Early Entry Camping pass you can camp earlier, from the night of Sunday 7th or Monday 8th July.

Do I need to pay extra to camp on Friday night?

No, camping on Friday night is included in the cost of your regular ticket.

How much space will I get for camping?

In 2019, campsite boundaries are marked out, like in a caravan park. You’ll receive a minimum of approx. 100sqm per vehicle. Shapes of campsites will vary, but most will be around 13.75m x 7m.

To prevent the risk of a fire spreading, you must place all structures at least 1 metre from the back and side boundaries of your campsite, and guy ropes can protrude another 40cm. Marshals will enforce this rule.

Do I need to book my campsite?

No. When you arrive at the site our marshals will direct you to the best available campsite. It’s first in best dressed.

Can I leave the campground early? I need to get back for another commitment?

No, once you’ve parked at camp your vehicle must stay parked and stationary until 7am Friday 12th July.

However we are selling a limited number of Early Exit Passes. Holders of these can leave a little earlier, on Thursday afternoon.

Can I drive from my campsite and park near the concert area?

No, you’ll need to walk from your campsite to the concert area. Once you’re vehicle is parked at your campsite it must stay parked and stationary until 7am Friday 12th July.

Can I go into Birdsville to buy extra provisions or have a shower during the event?

If you want to go to Birdsville during the event you can catch the shuttle bus, which runs on music days (full details TBA). Alternatively if you’ve moved your vehicle to Day Parking during one of the permitted times (see Camping Overview page), you can use your own vehicle to visit town.

When do I have to leave the campground?

Roll out begins 7am on Friday 12th July. You'll have until midday Saturday 13th to leave.

Can I camp with a group?

Yes however you must arrive at Bashville TOGETHER if you want to camp together. Meet up in Birdsville and drive the final 35kms to Bashville in convoy.

Can I reserve a spot for a friend who is arriving later?

No, space saving is not allowed. If you want to camp next to someone else, you must arrive at Bashville together.

What facilities are there?

The campsite has limited facilities due to the remote nature of the event. For details see Facilities

What items are prohibited in the camping area?

Unregistered vehicles, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are prohibited. Glass must stay in your camp kitchen (no glass in concert, public or camp areas) and we don’t allow animals (except for dogs, if you’ve registered that you’re bringing a dog), We also have rules on black water & toilet cassettes, grey water, rubbish, recycling and more.. See Bashville Site Rules for full details.

Can I buy food at the Big Red Bash?

A range of food vendors will be selling hot and cold food at the event. Most campers choose to bring some food with them. See Food.

Concert & Other Entertainment

What’s the Artist lineup & schedule?

The artist lineup for 2019 will be announced soon.

Can I bring my own alcohol & food into the concert area?

Yes, you can bring your own alochol & food in. Please drink responsibly, no BBQs, and eskys of a reasonable size only.

Can I bring an esky?

Yes, as long as it’s of a reasonable size.

Can I bring a tent/umbrella into the concert area?

No. Tents, umbrellas, sunshades, or anything that will obstruct the views of stage aren’t permitted in the concert area.

Can I bring a chair into the concert area?

Yes, and you can use this anywhere except for the reserved picnic rug / dancing area.

Can I smoke in the concert area?

No, there’s no smoking anywhere within the concert area. You must go outside and at least 10m from the boundary fence to smoke.

Are there bins in the concert area?

Yes, bins are provided in the plaza & concert area for rubbish & aluminium can recycling. These are only for use by pedestrians in the area. No campsite rubbish. For more details see Facilities.

What items are prohibited in the concert area?

Glass, metal cutlery, umbrellas, tables, sunshades or anything that will obstruct view of the stage, and aerosols are all prohibited. There will be bag checks as you enter the concert area and prohibited items will be confiscated.

When do gates open?

Gates open approximately one hour before the first performance of the afternoon. See Performance Times and Schedule.

Is there other entertainment?

Yes, we have some exciting day-time entertainment planned, including Bashville Drags and Fashions in the Desert. For full details see the “At the Bash” tab of our website’s menu, and look for “Activities and Entertainment”

Is there entertainment on Friday or Saturday?

No, camping and roll out continues through until Saturday to reduce vehicle congestion and allow extra flexibility for patrons, however the event and all entertainment officially finishes on Thursday night.

Is this a family-friendly event?

Yes, this is an all-ages concert. Families are welcome and entry for children up to 11 years is free. Youth (ages 12-17), adult and family tickets are available for you to buy in advance.


What merchandise is available and where can I get it?

You will be able buy ‘Bound for the Bash’ merchandise when you buy your tickets online. Other event merchandise will be on sale at Bashville from Sunday 7th July. The range of merchandise changes each year so pop back often for the latest merchandise information here.

Merchandise is on sale outside Birdsville Visitor Information Centre Sat 6th - Wed 10th July 9am-5pm, and Thurs 11th July 9am-3pm.

Food, Drink & Facilities

What food is available to buy?

There’ll be a range of food vendors at the event selling hot & cold food. See Food for details. Most campers bring some of their own food too.

Can I buy alcohol at the Big Red bash site?

No, it’s a BYO event and no alcohol is for sale on-site. The Birdsville Pub is the closest place to buy takeaway alcohol, so call in on the way to Bashville.

Is drinking water available on-site?

No, please bring your own. Birdsville town has drinking water available from various locations.

Is recycling available?

Yes, aluminium can recycling bins will be available in the plaza and concert area. Bring your cans for recycling and help us run an sustainable event! Facilities.

Is first aid available?

Yes, we’ll have a first aid tent at Bashville, and Birdsville has a medical centre. The capacity of these are both limited so please plan ahead and attend to any health problems before you arrive.

Is there a chemist in Birdsville?

No, you’ll need to bring all the medications that you’ll need for the duration of the event.

What facilities are available if I’m camping on Friday night?

Toilets and grey water disposal are available until midday Saturday 13th July, however all other facilities will no longer be available. This includes food vendors, who will stop serving after breakfast on Friday 12th, and the Bashville medical centre. Please plan to be self sufficient if you’re staying Friday night. See facilities for more info.

Are food vendors operating on Friday & Saturday?

No, food vendors will stop serving after breakfast on Friday 12th July. Make sure you bring your own food if you’re staying until Saturday.

Where is lost property?

Lost property is located at the Info Tent at either Bashville or Birdsville. After the event any lost property that hasn’t been claimed will be handed to the Birdsville Police station.

Is EFTPOS available?

EFTPOS facilities are limited at Bashville so we recommend that you bring plenty of cash. Food vendors will not have any EFTPOS, however Merchandise will have a limited eftpos facility.


Can I bring my dog to the Big Red Bash?

The Big Red Bash has dog-friendly camping and concert areas. When you buy your ticket, please register any dogs you will be bringing along. Please read the Dog Attendance Rules.

Can my dog come into the concert area?

We have a separate “dog friendly” area of the concert area which you can bring your dog into.


Is assistance available for patrons with special needs?

We welcome guests with special needs and those who are less-abled. The Big Red Bash is held in a very remote area but we do our best to provide facilities and assist in any way possible. For more information and to register, please see Patrons with a Disability.

Can I drive from my campsite to the concert area?

If you’ve registered as a patron with a disability and if you’re camped in the disability camping area, then you are permitted to be dropped off near the concert area so you don’t have to walk. See Patrons with a Disability for full details.

Can I stay in town if I have a disability?

Yes, you can stay in town & drive to Bashville each day. Make sure you’ve registered as a patron with a disability if want to use the Disability Dropoff point next to the concert area. See Patrons with a Disability.

I don’t have a disability parking permit. Can I still use the disability dropoff point or disability camping area?

Unfortunately we’re only able to provide special assistance to patrons who have a government issued disability parking permit. If you don’t have a government issued permit, we recommend that, if eligible, you apply for one before the event. See Patrons with a Disability for further details.


What will the weather be like in July?

The weather is usually mild with temperatures averaging between 6-21 degrees Celsius. Rainfall averages 11mm per month. Temperatures can range from zero at night to 30 during the day – so come prepared and see Weather.

What if it rains?

If it does rain the show will go ahead unless conditions are deemed to be dangerous. If the forecast shows the possibility of rain, bring a good quality raincoat and suitable footwear. The decision to cancel a show will be made on show day if required. In the event of inclement weather patrons should check this website BEFORE departing for the show for messages regarding traffic, parking or wet weather arrangements.

Please note that if there is inclement weather such as significant rain during the Bash, which makes the advertised location unsuitable for staging the event, the organisers reserve the right to re locate the event to another location in the Birdsville vicinity. In the unlikely event of this occurring you will be advised of the new venue details when you arrive at Birdsville to pick up your wristbands.


Thanks to all of our sponsors who help us bring you this amazing event.

Presenting Partners

Major Sponsors

RedArc Track Trailer Australian Off Road Unsealed 4x4 The Birdsville Hotel

Official Vehicle Sponsor

Volkswagen Commercial


RV Daily Regional Express Telstra

Government and Council Supporters

Big Run Events, the organiser of the Big Red Bash is enormously grateful for the various forms of assistance provided to the event by Tourism and Events Queensland, the Outback Queensland Tourism Association, and Diamantina Shire Council.

Outback Queensland Tourism

Big Red Bash is a unique high profile outback event, which draws significant media coverage. If you are interested in Big Red Bash sponsorship opportunities, please contact us, and our sponsorship manager will respond to you.

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