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4-6TH JULY 2016

Birdsville Big Red Bash

Rock'in the Simpson
4th-6th July 2016

At the Big Red Dune,
Birdsville, QLD

Official Announcement - Big Red Bash Change of Venue


Significant rainfall in Birdsville and Big Red on Sunday 26th June has forced a change of venue for the 2016 Birdsville Big Red Bash. While the rain hasn't adversely impacted the concert and camping site, it has severely impacted the road from Birdsville to Big Red, as well as the access road into the venue from Little Red to Big Red. These roads will dry out and improve over the next few days, however they will still require repair work and have been deemed unsuitable for the volume and variety of vehicle traffic travelling to Big Red Bash site, both in the event set-up stage and during and after the Bash.

In the interests of our guests safety, as well as the organisers ability to deliver a quality event, the decision has been made to relocate the concert venue to the Birdsville Oval, directly opposite the iconic Birdsville Hotel, adjacent to the Birdsville Bakery and Wirrari Visitors Centre. Other than the change in venue, the Birdsville Big Red Bash remains the same in all other aspects, particularly in terms of the entertainment program and the ability of people to camp nearby.

Camping options are available in Birdsville, including the Birdsville Caravan Park and free camping areas around the town common - there is plenty of space to accommodate everyone. Birdsville will come alive with a great party atmosphere over the three days and nights of the event - quite similar to the Birdsville Races.

Ticket holders can still take a scenic drive out to Big Red when the roads dry up and improve, which is expected to happen quickly, given the good weather forecast from now until after the event.

While the organisers are disappointed at being unable to stage the event at the amazing Big Red site, they are moving forward with a positive attitude. They believe that if patrons come along with a sense of adventure and the same positive attitude, a great time will be had by all.

Decisions like this are never easy, but the safety of everyone involved is paramount, and this change was the only practical option given the road conditions caused by Sunday’s rain. Sincere thanks to the Diamantina Shire Council and staff, the Birdsville community and our dedicated and expert event crew, as without their support this change of venue would not be possible.

While only the venue has changed, we have developed a range of  FAQs to answer common questions that we expect people will have about the change. FAQs can be found below.

Please keep an eye on road conditions and plan for alternate route if need be. You can keep up to date on all road conditions here:



Where has the concert been moved to?

The concert has been moved to the great new venue of the Birdsville Oval, next to the Visitors Information Centre.


Is my ticket still valid?

Yes, your ticket to the Bash is still valid. You will still need to have your barcoded ticket exchanged for an event wristbands, in Birdsville, at the Visitor Information Centre.

Collection hours are as follows:

Saturday 2nd July to Wednesday 7th July between 9am to 5pm


Where do I camp?

General camping will be available on the town common, the area between the river bridge and the first cattle grid- the yellow, dotted area on the map below. The spots with lots of green vegetation may still be quite wet from the recent rain and should avoided.



Paid camping is also available at the Birdville Caravan Park. To book a spot, please call them on (07) 4656 3214

Camping in any other areas around Birdsville or on the roads out of town is not permitted.

Any campsites or vehicles the council deems illegally parked will be towed and moved along.


Is the camping site secure?

There will be additional marshals patrolling camping areas during the day until the concert finishes and campers head back to their sites.

Are there still grey water restrictions?

Now that the campground is no longer on an organic property, the restrictions will not be in place. For large amounts of grey and black water, there are two dump points, one at each road leading out of town.


Can I still have a generator?

Yes, you can. But please be considerate to your neighbours by turning it off between the hours of 8pm and 8am.


Can I drive at night?

Please keep driving at night to a miminum and use our great free shuttle service. There will be very limited parking in town, and road closures. Queensland police will also be conducting random breath testing.

Be aware of those around you in the campsite, particularly those in swags or small tents.

The speed limit for all camping sites is 5km per hour.


How will I get from the campsite to the concert area?

If you are camping in the general camping area you can either choose to walk or there will be a free shuttle service running during the concert.
If you are staying at the Birdsville Caravan Park, the new concert area is within walking distance - only 100 metres up the road. Please avoid driving into town; there will be road closures and very limited parking.

If you have already purchased a shuttle bus ticket, you can arrange a refund from Desert Edge Tours at the Visitor Information Centre.


Are there toilets / showers / water at the campsite?

If staying in the general camping area, there will be portaloos spread throughout, as well as taps with drinkable water throughout the area. There will be no showers in this area. Showers are available at the caravan park for a small fee. Keep in mind, many people will want to use these and there could be long wait times.

Facilities in the general camping area will be available from midday Saturday 2nd July.

If staying at the Caravan Park there are toilets, showers and water available.


Can I still have a fire?

If you are staying in the general camping area or early bird camping area, fires are permitted.

If you are staying in the Caravan Park, campfires are permitted, as long as it is contained in a brazier or something similar.


Where can I get firewood and ice?

In the general camping area firewood and ice will be available to purchase. In town firewood will be available from the caravan park and ice will be available from the roadhouse. Collection of firewood in Birdsville or the surrounding area is not permitted.


I was camping in the disabled access area. Where do I camp now?

We will still have a designated disabled access area close to the concert area and a short, level walk. There will be disabled access toilets available.

Access will be flatter and easier than the concert site at Big Red. We will let you when you pick up your event wristbands.

Due to limited space in the disabled access camping area, only ticket holders with the parking disability sticker will be able to camp in this area. If you have others in your group they will need to camp in the general ticket camping area as there will not be room for them here.


I have early bird tickets. Is early bird camping still available?

We have a special camping area put aside for early bird campers approximately 1km outside on the road to Big Red. There will be portaloo facilities and free shuttle buses into town.

Please see the Early Bird specific FAQs further down this page.


Is the line up and timetable still the same?

Yes, the lineup and timetable have not changed. The concert site will open one hour prior to the concert starting


Monday 4th July

Start time: 5:30pm

Glenn Shorrock & Brian Cadd


Tuesday 5th July

Start time 1:30pm

Christine Anu
Shane Howard
Adam Harvey
Troy Cassar-Daley
Paul Kelly
Finish time: 9:30pm

Wednesday 6th July

Start time 1:30pm

Col Finley
Russell Morris
Adam Brand and the Outlaws
The Angels
Jimmy Barnes
Finish time: 9:30pm

Will there still be kids entertainment?

Yes, the kids entertainment will remain the same.

Can I still buy food?

Yes, there will be an assortment of food vendors next to the concert site at the oval. Just keep in mind these may not be within easy walking distance from your campsite.

Are pass outs available?

Yes, you can come and go as you please from the concert area.


Is the event still BYO?

Yes, you can still bring your own alcohol into the concert area and have it at your campsite.


Will the Bashville RFDS Drags and Fashions in the desert still be on?

Yes, this event will go ahead as planned. You can register to participate and collect your competitor bibs on Wednesday morning.


Can I still see Big Red?

Big Red will be open to the general public as usual throughout the Bash if you wish to visit and experience the special area where the concert was to be held. Please be aware that the roads may still be wet and not suitable for some vehicles.


Will there still be helicopter and camel rides available?

Yes, helicopter rides will be available from the airport and camel rides will be available in town, location to be confirmed.

Will people be able to watch the concert without having purchased a ticket?

We will be allocating additional marshals and fencing around the oval. Food vendors, trucks, containers, toilets and scrimed fencing will block the view from outside the oval. Wristbands will be checked at two entry points to the oval, and anyone without wristbands will be moved along.


If I do not want to attend the concert at the new site in Birdsville, am I entitled to a refund?

As per ticketing terms and conditions, the promoter reserves the right to move the concert to another location within the Birdsville area at short notice due to change in local conditions. Refunds will not be issued. This possibility has been made clear on our website in addition to the ticketing terms and conditions.

What if I have other questions or need further information?

There will be information tents available around town that can answer your questions.


How will I be identified as an early bird camper?

Bring your early bird barcoded ticket to the ticket tent and we will issue you with a windscreen pass.

From when can I camp at the early bird camping area?

We have extended early bird camping at this special location on the road to Big Red to open from Saturday the 2nd July. Grab your wristbands and car passes at the ticket marquee from 9am on Saturday 2nd July and our friendly marshals will show you were to go.


Why is the camping area approximately 1km from town?

There is no camping permitted anywhere in Birdsville on the town common and the only available camping within the town limits is paid camping at the caravan park.

The start of the normal free camping area (as opposed to early bird camp area) is approximately 1km from town at the closest point and extends up to 3km from town at the furthest point.

The early bird camping area, is approximately 1.3km from the oval and we will have shuttle buses and a large coach doing shuttles between the early bird camping area and the oval at regular intervals. You can bring chairs, eskies etc on these shuttles.


What is the campsite like?

The campsite is on a large flat graded area. Its a nice location at the edge of the desert terrain, surrounded by a few smaller dunes.

This is not a normal campsite so doesn’t have specific campsite amenities, and camping on this area is not normally permitted, even during races. However The Diamantina Shire Council have allowed it for the use of early bird campers.



Will there be facilities at the early bird campsite?

Yes, there will be portaloos available in the early bird camping area from midday Saturday.

Ice and firewood, will also be available for sale.

There will be skip bins for rubbish disposal.

The site is a short drive to the dump point for those with grey and blackwater tanks.

There will be a regular patrol by event marshals.

Is the site secure?

We will have additional marshals patrolling this area during the day until the concert finishes and campers head back to their sites.


Can I drive into town for the concert?

Yes, you can but there will be limited parking particularly with road closures in place so we wouldn’t recommend that.


Can I walk into town for the concert?

Yes, anyone who would like to stroll into town can do so. Be aware of, and careful about traffic on the road as there are no pedestrian footpaths on this road.


Will there be any food vendors at the early bird campsite?

No, all food vendors will be located adjacent to the concert site at the oval.


Can I have a campfire?

Yes but please make it of a reasonable size and be aware of and courteous to your fellow campers. Always ensure your campfire is fully extinguished before you go to bed. 


Can I have glass at this area?

Yes, there are no restrictions on glass, but of course please be careful not to break any glass and leave broken glass on the ground.


Is there any lighting at this campsite?

No, as mentioned it is not usually used as a campsite.


Is there any water available at this campsite?

No.  Similar to the campsite at Big Red, organisers are unable to supply water.

Please ensure you bring adequate water with you.


I have children, are there any safety issues at this campsite?

The campsite is adjacent to the main road to Big Red, so please ensure you keep an eye on your children, and make sure they don’t go out onto the main road which is not fenced off from the camping area.


What about the movie night on Sunday Night?

We will be screening Red Dog  (PG) on the Birdsville Oval at 6.30pm on Sunday night. A great movie for everyone to enjoy!

We also have another surprise movie screening on the oval at 8pm on Saturday night if you are here on Saturday (Rated M).


What if I have additional questions about early bird camping?

We will have information booths at the entrance to town and at the ticketing area near the visitors centre, who can answer any additional questions you may have.

Due to the extensive demands on the Big Red Bash team caused by the re location, it is difficult for us to answer the many detailed or specific questions people have in the lead up to the Bash.

We urge you to head to Birdsville with a sense of adventure, and everything will work out fine when you arrive and settle into camp.

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