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Paid Jobs At Big Red Bash

We are opening up a small number of paid work positions to Bash travellers who might be at or near the 2019 Bash.

These are jobs that aren’t suitable for volunteers.
They may require a higher level of qualification and/or we may be seeking a higher level of commitment and time than we are asking regular volunteers.
The work will comprise about 7 or 8 days of work (8 to 10 hours per day)
The tasks will involve a longer duration, will often have a higher level of responsibility and will have a more stringent set of requirements for applicants than for volunteers.
Compost loo tasks will involve handling bins full of poo (not something we can ask vols to do).

Terms of engagement

  • You’ll be engaged by Big Run Events, the organiser of the Big Red Bash as a PAYG worker.
  • You’ll be covered by the event Workers Compensation and Insurance. 
  • You will need to provide a tax form and your super details.

Pay and conditions

  • Pay rate will be provided to applicants.
  • You’ll receive a payslip and will have tax deducted.
  • You get paid breaks of 15mins every four hours.
  • You are responsible for your own accommodation and transport to the Bash site.
  • You will receive a free entry ticket to the Bash.
  • You can camp in the Vols Camping area.
  • You will receive the same entitlements as volunteers including a merchandise pack.

Have you already volunteered?

  • That’s okay - if you apply and are accepted for a paid position we’ll release you from your volunteer commitment.

Clothing and PPE

  • You will receive one set of leather rigger gloves and a high-vis vest (to be returned at the end of the event).
  • You need to provide clothing appropriate for outdoor work including closed-toe shoes, a broad brimmed hat.
  • Short sleeved shirts and short pants are acceptable with appropriate application of sun cream.


Compost Loo Set Up Crew

Training session and briefing 3 hours on 3/7/18
Set up loos 11.12.13 July
For the days the loos are in use you will be rostered to help with maintenance work. Each worker will do two or three 7.5-hour shifts over the period
Pack down loos and prepare for transport. 19.20.21 July.

The work
You will work at the direction of the two crew managers.
You will usually work in teams of two.

Set up: Unload the flat packed loo components from a truck (forklift assistance). Includes steel frames that weigh up to 23kg, plywood flooring sheets, steel braces, wheelie bins, pipe and hose systems for urine removal and 1000 litre IBC storage tanks for the urine.

Maintenance: Check on the loo blocks for supply levels of sawdust, loo paper and shake the wheelie bins as needed. Help the managers and pump truck crews with urine tank monitoring and preparation for pumping.

Pack Down: Dismantle the loos and urinals and prepare for loading on trucks and help with unloading and storage at our nearby depot.

Suitable for
Fit, able bodied people with an interest in sustainable systems and compost loos.
You need to be able to stand and work all day, lift materials up to 23kg and use basic hand tools like spanners.


We need two qualified scaffolders to erect two X 8m high modular scaffold towers.
The towers will have sound and lighting equipment mounted on them.
Towers are designed to engineer’s specifications.
You will be provided with detailed scaffold plans to follow.

Schedule and Pay
Set up 12 and 13 July, 8 to 10 hours each day.
Music days - no work required.
Pack down 19 July, 8 to 10 hours
Pay rate will be advised to applicants

The work
You will work in a team of two at the direction of the stage build manager.
You will help unload the scaffold, set out the job footprint with the help of the stage builder.
Set up the timber sole boards, scaffold, the bulker bag ballast etc.
Help to bundle the scaffold ready for loading at conclusion of the job. 


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Big Run Events, the organiser of the Big Red Bash is enormously grateful for the various forms of assistance provided to the event by Tourism and Events Queensland, the Outback Queensland Tourism Association, and Diamantina Shire Council.

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Big Red Bash is a unique high profile outback event, which draws significant media coverage. If you are interested in Big Red Bash sponsorship opportunities, please contact us, and our sponsorship manager will respond to you.

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