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In July 2018, over 8000 Bashers came together to celebrate good music and good times in the Aussie outback.

To reduce waste and minimise our environmental footprint, we had some major new initiatives this year.

Composting Toilets

We replaced the traditional pump and dump toilets with hygienic, odourless, composting ‘Shangri-Loos’.

These are the same toilets used by many festivals including the world's largest music festival in the UK, Glastonbury.

These toilets were supplied and serviced in 2018 by Australian firm Natural Event.


The Bash is in a remote, dry part of Australia. Last year our toilets used:

  • 140,000 litres of fresh water trucked 35km from the town to Bashville for flushing
  • 160,000 litres of liquid waste transported to Birdsville Waste Treatment Plant. This took two semi-trailer tankers every day!
  • Several diesel burning pump trucks to maintain them

Composting toilets will reduce our water use and liquid waste this year, and convert our waste to compost that can be used as fertiliser.

It's easy to do the right thing with our waterless composting loos.

  • For your number ones, nothing changes.
  • For your number twos, use a scoop of sawdust for a dry flush.
  • Just one cup to cover it up, and let natural processes do the rest!


  • No water required for flushing
  • Elimination of trucks and fuel for transporting flushing water
  • Drastically reduced transport (trucks and fuel) for sewage - a year later the dry compost is provided to nearby famers
  • No chemicals used – no bleaches or formaldehyde.
  • Only environmentally sound cleaning products used.
  • Final product is life-giving compost

We think this is a huge step forward. Want to know more? Check out these articles and videos from Hamish at Natural Event, who's bringing the toilets to the Bash this year:


Recycle Your Cans

Everyone likes to relax by the fire with a tinny after a long day*. At the Bash, where glass is prohibited (except in your camp kitchen), we see a lot of cans. In fact, we estimate that over half of the rubbish at last year’s Bash was aluminium cans.

For the first time this year - and with great support from our transport team and Birdsville locals - we are proud to say that we can recycle your cans.

We’ll collect, crush and transport empty cans almost 2000km back to a recycling plant utilising spare capacity on our event trucks.

So when you’re at the Bash, please collect your cans and drop them in the recycling bins in the Plaza and Concert Area.

*Almost everyone :)

Reducing our waste

This year our crew is doing what we can to reduce our collective waste too.

The volunteer hang-out tent is now plastic cup free.

We’re also encouraging our whole team to invest in a reusable cup, and we’ll be collecting and composting our crew food waste.




Thanks to all of our sponsors who help us bring you this amazing event.

Presenting Partners

Major Sponsors

RedArc Unsealed 4x4 The Birdsville Hotel

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RV Daily Regional Express Telstra

Government and Council Supporters

Big Run Events, the organiser of the Big Red Bash is enormously grateful for the various forms of assistance provided to the event by Tourism and Events Queensland, the Outback Queensland Tourism Association, and Diamantina Shire Council.

Outback Queensland Tourism

Big Red Bash is a unique high profile outback event, which draws significant media coverage. If you are interested in Big Red Bash sponsorship opportunities, please contact us, and our sponsorship manager will respond to you.

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