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How it works

  1. Current ticket holders can list their unwanted tickets for sale on the Official 2021 Big Red Bash Ticket Trading Site.
  2. Every Wednesday at 12:00pm AEST, these tickets are released for sale via Oztix. (First release 24th March).
  3. Tickets are sold on a first in best dressed basis. There are no waitlists or automatic sales.
  4. When you buy a ticket, a new ticket will be issued directly to you, the sellers ticket is cancelled, and the seller will receive the proceeds.

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Is there a waitlist I can join?
No. They are sold on a first in best dressed basis. Tickets are released here every Wednesday at 12:00pm AEST.

Are Pay Over Time tickets available? 
No, due to the limited availability, Pay Over Time is not available.

How quickly will released tickets sell?
Unfortunately this isn't something we can control or predict, but we anticipate that high demand and limited tickets mean that released tickets will sell quickly.

It says 'Tickets are Reserved' when I try to purchase them. What does this mean?
This message appears on the Oztix ticketing site when all available tickets have been added to buyers carts, and are awaiting payment. If payment fails, or if buyers abandon their carts, tickets are made available again. If you come across this message, our advice is to keep refreshing your browser to see if reserved tickets become available again after potential buyers abandon their carts. Once the message 'Allocation Exhausted' appears, it means that all available tickets have been purchased. Newly available tickets are released every Wednesday at 12:00pm AEST, we recommend checking back here then.

I was online at midday and still missed out on tickets. How is this possible?
Being a first in best dressed system, it simply means there were many other buyers also online at this exact same time who happened to have clicked through just milliseconds ahead of you. Unfortunately with very high demand, and very limited availability it is very possible for this situation to occur.  

The tickets I want say 'Allocation Exhausted', what does this mean?
‘Allocation Exhausted’ means that there are currently no tickets available in that category. Newly available tickets are released every Wednesday at 12:00pm AEST, we recommend checking back here then.


Beware of online scammers. They are very active and will not hesitate to take advantage!

How can I identify a scammer?

Be wary of anyone who tries to sell you a Big Red Bash ticket via any private or unofficial channel. Scammers often come across as honest and genuine, and they know how to gain your trust. We’ve heard reports of scammers selling invalid or fake tickets, selling the same ticket multiple times to different people, or simply taking peoples’ money and disappearing.

How can I avoid scammers?

Buy your ticket directly through Oztix, the official ticketing site. This is the only way to guarantee that your ticket is valid. Avoid private sales. Birdsville is a very long way to travel with invalid tickets, and we don’t want you to be disappointed!


With the 2021 Big Red Bash sold out already, we know that tickets are hard to come by. We want to thank you for using Oztix, the only official ticketing agent, to buy your tickets. We remind you that tickets purchased privately or via any other platforms are not guaranteed to be valid. Please be extremely wary of scammers and only purchase tickets directly from Oztix.