Bash Background


Family-friendly concert – all ages welcome

The Big Red Bash is a magical, uniquely Australian outback experience where people of all ages and nationalities are welcome. Since its launch in 2013, this family-friendly combo of desert camping and concerts has grown in popularity to become a ‘must-do’ bucket-list event.

Every year, iconic Aussie musicians head to Birdsville, on the edge of the Simpson Desert in south-west Queensland. They travel out of town towards Big Red – the highest sand dune in the Simpson Desert. And there, under a vast, star-speckled canopy they spend three nights entertaining people from all around Australia and beyond.

Birdsville’s Big Red Bash brings people together for the world’s most remote concert. Everyone’s welcome, from family groups and grey nomads with a taste for outback adventure, to backpackers working through their Aussie bucket lists.

Historic Birdsville

The area has a rich history of drawing people together. The traditional custodians of the land are the Wangkangurru-Yarluyandi people. For thousands of years, Wirrarri (Birdsville) was one of the places people gathered to trade grinding stones, ochre, weapons and other goods.

European visitors were first recorded in 1844 and the area played an essential part in the cattle droving and pastoral activities that followed. For a while, a depot and customs point was established for stock and supplies crossing the South Australian border, just 12km away.

In 1901, Australian Federation brought an end to border tolls, so customs points became obsolete. Over time, Birdsville’s population decreased and it became better known as an outback tourist destination at the start – or finish – of the famous Birdsville Track.

Unique Outback Camping and Concert Experience

Today, cattle still roam the area. The concert and campsite grounds, known as Bashville, are located on an organic cattle station called Adria Downs.

Camping in this pristine environment is restricted, so we’re very lucky to have permission to hold our Big Red Bash here. With help from our visitors, we do everything possible to protect the land and ensure the station’s organic status is preserved.

The camping area sits on the dried-out bed of an ancient lake with the giant red sand dune as a backdrop. It forms a natural amphitheatre making it the perfect setting for an outback concert.

The majestic desert landscape is coated in red dust that comes from the small pieces of gibber rock present throughout the region. Each year the weather and natural erosion add a little more of this unique red dust to the world’s largest sand dune desert.

As legendary Aussie artists fill the desert air with their classic sounds, your memories of this magical event will last a life-time. Or if you’re lucky – until the next Bash!