2021 Tickets


2021 Big Red Bash tickets are SOLD OUT!

All tickets to the cancelled 2020 Big Red Bash (which was sold out) were rolled over to 2021. Existing ticket holders had the option of having their tickets refunded up until 30 September 2020, and these refunded tickets were re-sold in 3 batches, all selling out at lightening speed.

If you have already secured your 2021 tickets and need to add a child, youth or dog ticket, please email info@oztix.com.au with your original order details and they will assist you.

If you have missed out, and are seeking 2021 tickets, join our mailing list for updates. We anticipate there will be an official re-sale facility available in the lead up to the event which will enable the buying and selling of valid tickets in a safe and secure environment.

SCAMMER ALERT: We’d like to remind you that scammers are very active, and will not hesitate to take advantage! Scammers are very good at appearing genuine and honest to gain your trust, before selling you invalid tickets or simply taking your money and disappearing. DO NOT trust anyone attempting to sell you their tickets. We do not endorse or encourage private ticket sales for this reason, and we cannot guarantee ticket validity unless purchased directly through the official ticketing or ticket re-sale site. Birdsville is a very long way to travel with invalid tickets, we don’t want you to be disappointed!

Reasons we DO NOT endorse or encourage private ticket sales:

  • Scammers can sell tickets to multiple people, meaning when you arrive at the event, your ticket may have already been scanned in, leaving you with an invalid ticket.
  • Changing the ticket name or email address does not guarantee validity; see point above. It may have already been sold to multiple people prior to the name change. Due to logistical reasons, ID is not required at wristband collection in Birdsville.
  • In the event of a cancellation (such as in 2020), the official ticketing agent can only refund the original ticket purchaser. They’re unable to refund individuals who’ve purchased tickets through private sales or unofficial sellers.