Bound for the Bash Monthly Newsletter


WELCOME to the Bound for the Bash monthly newsletter – our way of helping you prepare for all things 2020 Birdsville Big Red Bash.

For many it’s a first trip to the outback, and for others it’ll be their first time to Birdsville. Either way it’s an epic journey to the world’s most remote music festival, so we want to ensure you’re armed with all the info you need to make it a safe and enjoyable trip.

Newsletters are emailed to ticketholders each month, and are also available for download directly below in case you've misplaced your email.

A big congratulations on securing your ticket to the 2020 Big Red Bash. We sold out in record time, so you can count yourself as one of the lucky few with tickets in hand and your trip locked in! We look forward to welcoming both first time Big Red Bashers and those past patrons returning for more excitement to Birdsville next July.

March 2020 Newsletter

In this newsletter we’re going to cover a range of topics about camping at the Bash. There’s a fair amount of info here, but it’s definitely worth familiarising yourself with it before you arrive.

February 2020 Newsletter

This month we’re going to cover a range of information about camping at Bashville so you can be prepared and know what to expect.

January 2020 Newsletter

This month we’re going to have a look at some of the activities and entertainment that happen at the Bash (apart from the music) for young and old alike.

December 2019 Newsletter

December means Christmas is fast approaching - check out our Bound for the Bash merchandise range. Also included in this month's newsletter is our great "Coming to the Bash checklist", tips on safe outback driving and more!

November 2019 Newsletter

This month we share some useful planning tips, make sure those with special needs know how we can assist, and also provide a bit of info about camping at Birdsville.