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UPDATE - Sunday 4 July, 2021


As we count down the final hours until the Bash begins, we have a few important messages about COVID-19:

We also have some important messages about COVID-19 from Queensland Health:

If you are unwell with any COVID symptoms: do not come to the Bash.  

If you have developed symptoms in the last 24 hours and you are already in Birdsville, please visit the Birdsville Primary Health Centre at 31 Adelaide Street. Read the signage on the door and follow the instructions. You can also phone ahead on 4656 3245 during business hours.

If you have been in any of the impacted areas in Queensland (see list below) at any time from 1am, June 29 you must:


(At the time of writing, impacted areas are Brisbane City Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Ipswich City Council, Logan City Council, Redland City Council, Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Gold Coast City Council, Noosa Shire Council, Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council, Somerset Regional Council, Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Scenic Rim Regional Council, Townsville City Council) 

You must not attend the Bash if you: 

Police are doing spot checks in Birdsville, and will be asking for your border passes and travel declarations. 

COVID testing is available at the Bash


At Birdsville Primary Health Centre at 31 Adelaide Street.

Read the signage on the door and follow the instructions. 

You can also phone ahead on 4656 3245 during business hours.


In Bashville visit the onsite Queensland Ambulance Service Medical Centre (see your Info Guide or app for location) for 24 hour health services and rapid testing for COVID-19.

  1. Knock on the door and wait outside

  2. Someone will come out to assist

  3. If you are swabbed, the COVID-19 test result will be processed onsite by Pathology Queensland 

9 TO 11 JULY

At the Birdsville Primary Health Centre.

Read the signage on the door and follow the instructions. 

You can also phone ahead on 4656 3245 during business hours.

You’ll need to isolate until you get your test results. They can come through as quickly as an hour, but may take a bit longer depending on your location. 


Thanks for helping us keep the Bash COVID Safe

UPDATE: ARTIST LINE UP CHANGES – Thursday 1 July, 2021

As was advised in our previous communications of 24th June regarding issues arising from Covid restrictions, there’s been a few changes to the artist line up due to several artists now being unable to travel to attend.

We are very fortunate to have the following fantastic artists joining us now for this year’s Bash at such late notice, and they’re all super excited to have the opportunity to be part of the incredible 2021 line up!

Please welcome all of these artists to the 2021 Birdsville Big Red Bash:-
Daryl Braithwaite 
The Black Sorrows
Busby Marou
Sarah McLeod
Brian Cadd
The Chantoozies
Kyle Lionheart

Sadly, the following artists and bands are unable to be with us this year due to restrictions preventing them from travelling.
Kate Ceberano 
Mi Sex
Steve Balbi
Mark Gable 
Shannon Noll
The Radiators
Furnace and the Fundamentals

We are so sorry that all of these wonderful artists won’t be at this year’s Bash, but we hope that they are all able to make it out again in the future.

We would like to make special mention of the efforts of our amazing event team who have been and continue to work incredibly hard in a very challenging and dynamic environment to enable us to put on a memorable festival that will be loved by all who are able to attend.

The Birdsville Big Red Bash Team

UPDATE - Wednesday 30 June, 2021

As parts of Queensland complete their first full day of the three day lockdown, our thoughts are with all those people affected, and we hope that this is the circuit breaker that’s needed.   The Big Red Bash team is continuing to monitor the changing restrictions moment to moment. 

Preparations for the Big Red Bash continue in Birdsville, with the full support of Queensland Health and Tourism and Events Queensland, and strict measures are in place to keep everyone safe. 

Our COVID Safe plan is scalable, and can be ramped up or down as required. Some of the measures under our current, approved COVID Safe plan include:

Contact tracing

Social distancing 


Information and signage

Event medical team

A couple of quick reminders

For those planning to come to the Bash: make sure you check and respect the most up to date government restrictions relevant to your situation. The health and wellbeing of people across western Queensland, including our crew, volunteers and patrons, is our number one priority. 

If you are travelling to the Bash, remember to:

UPDATE - Tuesday 29 June, 2021



UPDATE - Monday 28 June, 2021


  • Preparations for the Big Red Bash continue in Birdsville, with the full support of Queensland Health and Tourism and Events Queensland. 
  • We are working closely with a range of government officials to ensure that our approved COVID Safe Event Plan continues to meet or exceed current requirements to keep everyone safe. 
  • We encourage all patrons to check and respect the latest restrictions from all State and Territory governments.
  • To those of you unable to attend this year’s Bash due to the current COVID restrictions, our hearts go out to you. We will be in touch in late July with an update about your ticket. 
  • We will keep you posted with any new information on this web page. 

    Plans for the Big Red Bash continue 

    Based on the latest advice from Queensland Health, and under the current level of restrictions, the Big Red Bash continues to be able to proceed with our approved COVID Safe Event Plan. Our event team is on site, and our site build and preparations are running ahead of schedule.

    We have worked in Outback Queensland for many years now, and the health and wellbeing of Queensland locals, our patrons and our crew is our number one priority. We are working closely with government officials to ensure that our event plan continues to meet or exceed the requirements to keep everyone safe. 

    We are constantly monitoring the situation

    We are monitoring the rapidly changing situation regarding COVID restrictions, including various state border closures. The current state border closures will unfortunately prevent many of our patrons from attending. We are extremely disappointed, and we feel for all those patrons, as we know how much of a commitment it is to prepare for the Bash. 

    Our thoughts are also with all those affected by this outbreak, and we appreciate the importance of swift, decisive action to contain the virus. 

    Check and respect the latest travel restrictions

    We encourage all patrons and crew to check and respect the latest State and Territory travel restrictions relevant to your journey. If you are able to travel, we would love to see you here. 

    For those who are travelling, be prepared for a strong police presence on Queensland roads. If you travel against government restrictions you can expect to be turned back, fined or directed to enter self-funded mandatory quarantine. 

    Our hearts go out to those who cannot attend

    For those of you who are unable to attend this year’s Bash due to border restrictions, our hearts go out to you. We understand that each and every one of you faces a unique and difficult situation. We also know that many of you are concerned about what will happen with your tickets if you are unable to attend this year’s Bash due to COVID restrictions. 

    You can rest assured that while our Terms and Conditions do not require us to give you a refund or roll over your ticket, we are working to determine exactly how we can help each of you. This will take time for us to work through. There are lots of moving parts, and we ask for your patience. We’re doing everything we can to take care of everyone, from our crew and volunteers on site to our patrons back home and on the road. 

    Our event team is now in the final stages of preparations for this year's Bash and will be unable to respond to questions regarding anyone's personal or individual situations at this time. We will be in touch in late July with an update about your ticket. 

    A message to those who are able to attend

    To those of you who are able to join us for this year’s Bash, we can’t wait to see you here on the red dirt. We’re looking forward to sharing an amazing, unforgettable and unique Big Red Bash with you. A few quick words about your travels:

  • We ask you to be mindful of those living in small, regional towns across Queensland and the rest of Australia. 
  • Be sure to keep a comfortable distance between your group and others, wash your hands regularly and wear a mask if you need to.
  • Stay updated on the latest State and Territory government advisories.
  • When you arrive, help us keep Birdsville and the Big Red Bash COVID Safe by checking in using the Check In Queensland app, and following instructions from our event crew.



    UPDATE - 4:30pm 24 June 2021

    The Big Red Bash team is now full steam ahead and focused on the final preparations and set up for this year's Big Red Bash! Our full set up and production team are on the ground in Birdsville, works are underway at Bashville and after a two year wait, we’re getting ready to rock the Simpson in less than two short weeks!


    We are aware that Queensland (and other State) border restrictions are changing rapidly as the Covid 19 situation in Sydney develops.

    Event organisers are unable to provide you with advice surrounding your personal situation. It is your responsibility to review the relevant State Government advice on a regular basis and keep up to date with the restrictions that apply to you, based on your personal situation. At the conclusion of this email, you will find useful links to the relevant state government websites with up-to-date information regarding restrictions and borders.

    We know this is an unfortunate situation for all affected, and we are absolutely devastated that some patrons who’ve been looking forward with anticipation and excitement for so long will no longer be able to be with us this year. Our hearts go out to you.

    We’re also aware that many of our patrons from newly declared hotspots are in fact already on the road and are transiting through safe zones and will be permitted entry to Queensland. We want to reassure you that if you have been approved to enter the state of QLD via Queensland Border Declaration Pass, you will not be denied festival entry.

    Replacement tickets to the 2022 Big Red Bash will be made available to ticket holders from any hotspots who are directly impacted and as a result are prevented from attending due to mandated government restrictions or border closures. Although providing replacement tickets is not something we are obliged to do, we believe it’s appropriate to support impacted ticket holders at this challenging time. As the event is going ahead and the restrictions and border closures are outside of our control, we are unable to provide ticket refunds.

    We’ll be back in touch with impacted ticket holders towards the end of July to advise the process for applying for replacement tickets for 2022.

    Our event staff are now fully focused and extremely busy organising the final arrangements for this year's Bash and will therefore be unable to respond to questions regarding anyone's personal or individual situations at this time.


    The festival will be proceeding with the current Queensland Health approved Covid 19 safety plan. For the most part, your festival experience will be very similar to non-covid times. Check in via the Check In QLD app is mandatory and will take place in Birdsville when you collect your wristbands, please download the app before your arrival. We’ll have marshals to assist you with checking in if you have trouble.

    At the festival, there will be marshals to assist your group with socially distanced seating in the concert area, there are measures in place to ensure queuing is well managed and everyone can keep 1.5m apart. Indoor areas such as merchandise will abide by the maximum capacity for each designated space.


    Due to the Queensland border restrictions, there will be a small number of changes to the artists line up. We’ve been working on this scenario for some time, and we have some incredible artists stepping in who we know you’re going to love! We’ll let you know about these artist changes very soon.


    Due to the current border restrictions, capacity has become available and early entry passes are now available. Full festival tickets are also available from earlier customer re-sale requests. Festival tickets and early entry passes can be purchased here.


    Some recent rain has dampened roads around Birdsville, and some roads are currently closed. We expect these roads to dry out and reopen in the coming days. Please keep up to date with road conditions, allow additional travel time and have a couple of routes in mind. The longer-term weather forecast for the Bash is looking good!


    We know this is not the sort of update that people were expecting so close to the event, but while this pandemic continues, we know there is always a level of uncertainty around travel and events and unfortunately this Sydney outbreak and the resulting restrictions have come at a very bad time for those with travel plans.

    However, we feel it is important to give you some peace of mind during this challenging and uncertain time, to reassure everyone that the Bash is proceeding, and to let those who are impacted by restrictions know what we’re doing to provide some certainty around the situation with their tickets.

    Again, to all those impacted, our thoughts are with you.

    The Birdsville Big Red Bash Team



    South Australia




    Northern Territory


    Western Australia