Travel Restrictions





We are aware that Queensland (and other State) border restrictions are changing rapidly as the Covid 19 situation in Sydney develops.

Event organisers are unable to provide you with advice surrounding your personal situation. It is your responsibility to review the relevant State Government advice on a regular basis and keep up to date with the restrictions that apply to you, based on your personal situation. At the conclusion of this email, you will find useful links to the relevant state government websites with up-to-date information regarding restrictions and borders.

We know this is an unfortunate situation for all affected, and we are absolutely devastated that some patrons who’ve been looking forward with anticipation and excitement for so long will no longer be able to be with us this year. Our hearts go out to you.

We’re also aware that many of our patrons from newly declared hotspots are in fact already on the road and are transiting through safe zones and will be permitted entry to Queensland. We want to reassure you that if you have been approved to enter the state of QLD via Queensland Border Declaration Pass, you will not be denied festival entry.

Replacement tickets to the 2022 Big Red Bash will be made available to ticket holders from any hotspots who are directly impacted and as a result are prevented from attending due to mandated government restrictions or border closures. Although providing replacement tickets is not something we are obliged to do, we believe it’s appropriate to support impacted ticket holders at this challenging time. As the event is going ahead and the restrictions and border closures are outside of our control, we are unable to provide ticket refunds.

We’ll be back in touch with impacted ticket holders towards the end of July to advise the process for applying for replacement tickets for 2022.

Our event staff are now fully focused and extremely busy organising the final arrangements for this year's Bash and will therefore be unable to respond to questions regarding anyone's personal or individual situations at this time.

Useful Links for Travel Restrictions and Border Passes and Permits


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